History of the International Symposia on Rotating Machinery

The symposia cover transport phenomena, dynamics, and design of all kinds of rotating machinery used in transportation, power generation, climate control, etc. All symposia were and will be held in Hawaii, U.S.A.

Meeting Held in Organized by
First 1985 Wen-Jei Yang (University of Michigan)
Second 1988 J. H. Kim (Electric Power Research Institute)
Third 1990 J. H. Kim (Electric Power Research Institute)
Fourth 1992 Wen-Jei Yang (University of Michigan)
Fifth 1994 Wen-Jei Yang (University of Michigan)
Sixth 1996 D. C. Han (Seoul National University)
Seventh 1998 A. Muszynska (Bently Rotor Dynamics Research Corp.)
Eighth 2000 J. C. Han (Texas A&M University)
Ninth 2002 Y. Tsujimoto (Osaka University)
Tenth 2004 D. Bohn (Aachen University of Technology)
Eleventh 2006 Knox T. Millsaps (Naval Postgraduate School)
Twelfth 2008 G. Bois (LML, ENSAM Lille, France)
Thirteenth 2010 T. Watanabe (University of Tokyo, Japan)
Fourteenth 2012 P. F. Pelz (Technische Universitat Darmstadt)
Fifteenth 2014 H. H. Cho (Yonsei University, Korea)
Sixteenth 2016 O. Coutier-Delgosha (Laboratoire de Mécanique de Lille, France)

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